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LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight

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  • LO-086

  • Helius

LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight, an exceptional lighting solution designed for underwater exploration enthusiasts and professionals seeking reliability, simplicity, and powerful illumination.

Crafted with durable aluminum alloy, this diving flashlight is tailored to endure the challenges of underwater environments, featuring an IPX8 waterproof grade that allows exploration at depths of 200-300 meters. Its robust build ensures resilience against water pressure, making it a dependable companion for deep-sea ventures.

Powered by an advanced XHP70 LED bulb, this flashlight emits an impressive brightness ranging between 1500 to 2000 lumens, providing intense and clear illumination in even the darkest underwater settings. Its focused optical cup fixed focus zoom mode guarantees a precise and concentrated beam, facilitating visibility up to 200-300 meters ahead, ensuring a comprehensive view during dives.

Simplicity meets functionality with its magnetic switch, offering seamless operation with a single mode for strong light. The intuitive design allows for easy and efficient usage, eliminating complexities during underwater exploration.

With dimensions measuring at and a net weight of 285G, this flashlight strikes a balance between portability and performance, offering ease of handling without compromising on its powerful lighting capabilities.

Equipped to accommodate either 226650 or 218650 batteries (not included), this flashlight provides flexibility in power options, allowing users to choose based on their preferences and requirements.

LO-086 diving flashlight is engineered to facilitate dives of up to 50 meters, enabling underwater enthusiasts to explore depths with confidence, clarity, and unparalleled brightness. Whether for recreational diving, professional underwater tasks, or exploration adventures, this flashlight stands as an indispensable tool for those seeking reliable illumination in aquatic environments.

Product Characteristics

1. 200-300 Meters Diving Depth
2. Magnetic switch
3. 1500-2000 Lumens Brightness
4.Simple 1 mode light

Basic Info.

Model Number: LO-086
Bulb : XHP70 LED
Product size: 21.8*6.3*6.3CM
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Switch : Magnetic Switch
Battery: 2*26650/2*18650 (not included)
Charging method: none
Gear: 1 gear: strong light
Zoom mode: optical cup fixed focus
Waterproof grade: IPX8
Lumen: about 1500-2000LM
Range: 200-300 meters

Features : Dive 50 meters

Packaging and delivery
Packaging Details:
Net weight: 285G
Box size: 22.5*7*7CM

Gross weight: 320G

Lead time

Quantity (pieces)

1 - 10

11 - 500

501 - 2000

> 2000

Lead time (days)




To be negotiated

LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight heliuslights 20

LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight heliuslights 17

LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight heliuslights 24

LO-086 1500 Lumens XHP70 Diving Flashlight heliuslights 22

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