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LO-133 Aluminum Alloy Removable Extension Battery Tube Diving Flashlight

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  • LO-133

  • Helius

LO-133 Aluminum Alloy Removable Extension Battery Tube Diving Flashlight—a professional-grade lighting tool engineered to exceed expectations in underwater exploration and demanding environments.

Crafted from aviation magnesium aluminum alloy, LO-133 boasts robust construction that withstands the rigors of diving and outdoor exploration. Its black exterior exudes a sleek, professional look fitting for any diving or outdoor gear collection.

The highlight of this flashlight is its versatile design featuring a removable extension battery tube. This unique feature offers adaptability in power usage, accommodating either two or three 26650 batteries (not included), allowing users to tailor the power output based on their needs and preferences.

Equipped with powerful 3xP70/1xP70 LED options, this flashlight provides both white and yellow light variations, delivering exceptional brightness and versatility in illumination. The two lighting modes—strong light and low light—cater to different visibility requirements during dives or outdoor activities.

With a waterproof rating of IPX8 and a diving depth forecast of 80 meters (estimated range of 200 meters), this flashlight ensures reliable performance underwater, providing clarity and visibility in challenging environments.

The middle waterproof magnetic switch guarantees easy and reliable operation, even in wet conditions, offering convenience and functionality during dives or outdoor adventures.

LO-133 comes with a comprehensive package including the flashlight, extension tube, hand cord, and white box, ensuring you have all necessary components for immediate use or gifting. Additionally, it supports sample orders and offers OEM & ODM options, allowing for customization based on specific needs or branding requirements.

Whether you're a professional diver, outdoor enthusiast, or in need of a reliable lighting tool for challenging environments, LO-133 Aluminum Alloy Removable Extension Battery Tube Diving Flashlight stands as a dependable, versatile, and powerful companion, ready to illuminate your path and exceed your expectations.

Product Characteristics

1.Removable Extension Battery Tube Design

2. 2 Lighting Mode

3. 3xP70/ 1XP70 LED White/ Yellow Light Options

4.200 Meter Diving Waterproof

Basic Info.

Model Number: LO-133

Product Lamp Beads: 3 P70

Battery Usage: 26650*2/26650*3(not included

Rated Voltage, Wattage]: DC8.4V8A 70w

White Light Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K

Yellow Color Temperature:3000k

Diving Depth:80 meters (forecast value)

Diving Range: about 200M

Material: Aviation magnesium aluminum alloy

Waterproof Class:IPX8

Product colo: Black

Light mode:2 blocks (strong light - low light)

Switch type: middle waterproof magnetic switch

Applicable battery: 26650*2/26650*3(not included)

Product size:224*65*37mm/295*65*37mm (extended size)

Packing list: flashlight, extension tube, hand cord, white box

Sample Order: Acceptable

OEM & ODM: Acceptable

LO-133 Aluminum Alloy Removable Extension Battery Tube Diving Flashlight heliuslights 11

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LO-088 Aluminum Alloy Easy Carry Diving Flashlight heliuslights 28

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