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LO-085 Build In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight

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  • LO-085

  • Helius

LO-085 Build-In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight, a multifunctional illumination device tailored for adventurers and diving enthusiasts seeking reliability, versatility, and cutting-edge features.

Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and boasting a robust design, this flashlight is purpose-built to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. Engineered with a waterproof rating of IPX8 and capable of diving depths of up to 80 meters, it ensures uncompromised performance even in the most challenging aquatic environments.

LO-085 offers a dynamic lighting experience through its COB lamp beads. Its versatile light sources include white, red, and blue settings, each serving unique purposes. The white light, with high, medium, and low intensity settings, illuminates distances up to 300-500 meters, providing clear visibility during underwater expeditions.

Enhancing its utility further, the red and blue light options offer specialized functionalities. The red light supports various modes, including steady red light, red flash, and double-click red light burst, providing discreet and adaptable lighting options for specific underwater scenarios. Meanwhile, the blue light adds versatility to your exploration toolkit.

Not just a reliable source of illumination, LO-085 is also a power bank, featuring a substantial built-in 12800mAh battery comprising four sections of 18650 cells. This dual-functionality ensures that your devices stay powered during your expeditions, making it an essential companion for extended adventures.

Boasting a 80-degree beam angle and wear-resistant glass lens, this flashlight delivers optimal light distribution, facilitating a broader field of view underwater while maintaining durability against external elements. Its surface treatment, featuring three-level hard anodizing, ensures long-lasting resilience in harsh environments.

With dimensions measuring at a length of 133mm, a lamp holder diameter of 68mm, and a tail diameter of 55mm, this flashlight strikes a balance between portability and functionality, making it a convenient and efficient tool for diving enthusiasts.

LO-085 Build-In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight redefines underwater illumination and device charging, offering a comprehensive solution for explorers seeking top-tier performance, versatility, and reliability in their underwater pursuits.

Product Characteristics

1. 80m Dvining Depth

2.Power Bank Function

3.Red & Blue COB Light

Key attributes

Model Number LO-085

Light source specification: COB lamp beads

White light gear: high, medium, low, long press for two seconds to turn off

Red and blue gears: red light, red flash, blue light, double-click red light burst, long press for two seconds to close

Optical cup type: wear-resistant glass lens

Product material: aviation-grade aluminum alloy

White light color temperature: 5700K

Red light wavelength: 620nM

Blue light wavelength: 455nM

Beam angle: 80 degrees

Waterproof rating: IPX8

Light angle: 80 degrees

Switch type: lamp holder push switch

Surface treatment: three-level hard anodizing

Red light parameters: 50 lamp beads

Blue light parameters: 40 lamp beads

White light parameters: 82 lamp beads

Product range: 300-500 meters

Charging input: 5V/2A

Voltage output: 5V/2A

Working voltage: 3.7V

Battery capacity: 12800mAh (built-in 4 sections of 18650)

Product color: black

Product net weight: 560g

Product gross weight: 722g

Waterproof depth: 80 meters underwater

Product size: length 133mm, lamp holder diameter 68mm, tail diameter 55mm

Sample Order: Acceptable

OEM & ODM: Acceptable

LO-085 Build In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight heliuslights 3

LO-085 Build In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight heliuslights 5

LO-085 Build In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight heliuslights 15

LO-085 Build In Battery Power Bank Diving Flashlight heliuslights 6

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