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Professional Solution Offer

Huge Product Resources

Provide different level Flashllights and headlights from homeuse normal type to professional high power type, meet with your different demands, the most varity of flashlight supplier of the market.

Professional Wholesale Services

One-stop services from Quality control, package, custom option settle, delivery advices, after sale services, you could no worry at all!

Stable Supply

10+ years industry experiences, no stop supply to our existing clients around the world.

Friendly MOQ

We fully understand the big amount quantity is the hurdle for our cooperation at the very beginging.

Product Funtions Custom

We all need to have competitiveness to own the market that needs our particular idea on the product we could do that.


OEM stands for Original EquipmentManufacturing, and refers to products thatare fully designed by your company andthen licensed out to us to produce.

Product Packaging Custom

Your demand would be met very quickly since that’s what we waiting for!

Promotional Custom

Your brand name or logo is necessary to show to your customers and make them remember you and your goods.


Changes may include things like packaging or product bundle color and branding.

About Us

We have grown to a considerable scale from the beginning of its establishment to the present already 11 years, and continue to sell well on other major platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba. We’re a wholesale flashlight distributor that can set your store up with kinds of LED flashlights, headlamps, and portable power stations for sale if you need them, can help you select the best ones for your business just shared your inquiries with us. Our team is as close as family members, they can display their talents perfectly with the company’s full trusts.


Professional Product Services

Newest Market Trend

We hand on different market platforms with enough market data to provide the best solution for our clients.

Prompt Response

Time is Money, we serve our clients with prompt responses to help them to catch chances for both of us.

Full Solution Plan

Starting with product details, packaging suggestions, delivery method, and payment, we could handle all good for our clients.

Our Product Sales Preformance from Clients

Our clients' business included online and offline, we are printing tags on order products for their Amazon FAB transportation or other online platforms and other services their in need of.

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