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LO-074 Aluminum Alloy Mini Flashlight Fluorescent Fidget Spinner Design

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  • LO-074

  • Helius

LO-074 Aluminum Alloy Mini Flashlight, a compact and versatile lighting companion crafted for both practicality and entertainment. Made from premium aluminum alloy, this flashlight embodies durability and reliability in a compact form.

With its diminutive size of 14 * 3.3 * 3CM and lightweight construction weighing just 207G, LO-074 is designed for easy portability and convenient use. Its tail push switch ensures seamless operation, allowing users to navigate through five lighting modes: Strong Light, Medium Light, Weak Light, Flash Fast, and SOS.

Featuring three XPG LED bulbs, this flashlight emits a powerful illumination ranging from 1000 to 1200 lumens, illuminating distances of 100 to 200 meters. Its fixed focus Zoom Mode guarantees a stable and directed beam, ideal for various outdoor activities and emergency situations.

Operated by a single 18650 battery (not included) and supporting Type-C USB charging, LO-074 ensures hassle-free power management. Additionally, it boasts an IPX4 waterproof rating, providing resistance against splashes and enhancing durability in different weather conditions.

Beyond its exceptional lighting capabilities, this flashlight incorporates a unique feature: a Fluorescent Fidget Spinner Design. This entertaining addition offers a visual and tactile element for users, allowing for moments of relaxation and amusement during downtime.

Moreover, LO-074 includes various practical functionalities, such as a head night light with a decompression gyroscope design for bidirectional decompression play. Additionally, it features a lotus attack head, providing an emergency tool for breaking windows if required. Its pen clip design allows for easy attachment to pockets or backpacks, enhancing its portability.

LO-074 Aluminum Alloy Mini Flashlight combines practicality with entertainment, making it an ideal companion for daily use, outdoor activities, or unexpected emergencies. With its compact size, powerful illumination, and added playful feature, it offers users both functionality and moments of enjoyable relaxation.

Product Characteristics

1. Mini size

2. Fluorescent fidget spinner Design

3. Tail Push Switch

4.5 Modes light (Strong light - Medium light - Weak light - Flash fast – SOS)

Basic Info.

Model Number: LO-074

Light bulb: 3 * XPG LED

Product size: 14 * 3.3 * 3CM

Material: Aluminum alloy

Switch: Press the switch

Battery: 1 * 18650 battery (not included)

Charging method: Type-C USB charging

Gear 5: Strong light - Medium light - Weak light - Flash fast - SOS

Zoom mode: fixed focus

Waterproof grade: IPX4

Lumens: 1000-1200 lumens

Range: 100-200 meters

Features: Head night light decompression gyroscope design, outdoor lighting, bidirectional decompression play, lotus attack head emergency broken window, with pen clip, can be hung in pocket, easy to carry on backpack.

Indicator light: When charging, the switch position is red and the full blue light is on.

Packaging and delivery

Packaging Details:

Net weight: 207G

Box size: 18.9 * 8 * 4.3

Gross weight: 250g









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