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LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp

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  • LO-132

  • Helius

LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed for unparalleled convenience and functionality in various scenarios.

Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, LO-132 boasts a sturdy construction ensuring reliability in diverse environments. Its compact size of 14*2.5CM, along with a lightweight design weighing just 160g, makes it easily portable and ideal for various activities.

The standout feature of this headlamp is its separable design, allowing the headlamp to detach effortlessly from the band, providing versatility in usage. Additionally, its magnetic tail adds to its functionality, enabling convenient attachment to metallic surfaces for hands-free illumination.

Featuring XPG3 Generation Lamp Beads, this headlamp delivers a powerful 500 lumens of brightness, providing exceptional illumination for various tasks. With a range of over 100 meters, it ensures clear visibility, whether for camping, hiking, or working in dimly lit spaces.

Equipped with a Type-C fast charging port, LO-132 offers swift and efficient charging, ensuring minimal downtime between uses. Its IPX5 waterproof rating provides protection against water splashes, making it suitable for outdoor activities even in light rain.

The headlamp offers three lighting modes—strong light, low light, and flash—catering to different lighting needs. Additionally, the head folds up to 90 degrees, offering flexibility in adjusting the angle of illumination for enhanced convenience and adaptability.

Packaged with a Type-C data cable, headlamp belt, and packaging box, LO-132 is well-equipped for immediate use or gifting. This product is available for sample orders and supports OEM & ODM, allowing for customization based on specific preferences or branding requirements.

Ideal for outdoor activities, hands-on work, or emergency situations, LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp is a versatile lighting tool that combines portability, functionality, and convenience. Its detachable design, magnetic tail, and powerful illumination make it an essential accessory for anyone seeking reliable hands-free lighting solutions.

Product Characteristics

1. Separable Headlamp Design

2. Easy Carry Protable Metal Clip

3. Magnetic Tail

4. 90 Degrees Head Folding

Basic Info.

Model Number: LO-132

Lamp beads :XPG3 Generation Lamp Beads

Product size :14*2.5CM

Packing quantity :60PCS

Material: Aluminum alloy

Switch: Press the switch

Battery :18650(quote does not include battery)

Charging mode :Type-c fast charging

Gear: Strong light - low light - flash

Waterproof rating :IPX5

Lumen :500LM

Features: Small portable head folding

Range: >100 meters

Package includes: flashlight +TYPE-C data cable + headlamp belt + packaging box

Sample Order: Acceptable

OEM & ODM: Acceptable

Packaging and delivery

Packaging Details:

Net weight :160g

Box size :15*3.5*6cm

Gross weight :185g

Packing quantity :60PCS

LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp heliuslights 3

LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp heliuslights 4

LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp heliuslights 5

LO-132 500 Lumens Magnetic Separable Headlamp heliuslights 6

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