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H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Zoomable Headlamp

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  • H-230

  • Helius

H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp, a high-performance lighting solution tailored to meet various illumination needs with exceptional functionality and convenience. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this headlamp is designed to provide reliable and adaptable lighting in a compact and portable design.

H-230 headlamp features a frameless white laser LED, emitting powerful and focused illumination ideal for various tasks and activities. Its innovative motion sensor and wave sensing technology enable hands-free operation, offering intuitive functionality that adjusts to movement, making it ideal for outdoor activities, work environments, or emergency situations.

A standout feature of this headlamp is its power display, providing users with real-time battery level information via the wave sensing intelligent electric display. This ensures that you're aware of the remaining battery life, allowing for timely recharging through its convenient USB Type-C charging capability.

Designed for versatility, the headlamp allows for a 90-degree head adjustment, offering customizable lighting angles for optimal visibility. With a telescopic zoom function and three lighting modes - Strong light, Medium light, and Flash - users have the flexibility to adjust brightness according to their specific needs or environmental conditions.

H-230 is powered by three 18650 batteries (not included), and its IPX4 waterproof rating ensures reliability even in adverse weather conditions. Emitting 1200 lumens and providing a range of over 500 meters, this headlamp delivers ample brightness and coverage for a wide array of activities.

The package includes the headlamp, a color box for safekeeping, and a data cable for charging. In terms of packaging and delivery, each headlamp weighs 242 grams, with box dimensions of 12.7 * 11.5 * 10 cm. Fifty headlamps are packed into a carton measuring 65 * 35 * 40cm, with a gross weight of 18kg.

Reliable, adaptable, and equipped with advanced features, the H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp is an indispensable lighting tool for various purposes. Count on its exceptional performance and user-friendly design to provide dependable illumination for your needs, ensuring visibility and convenience in any situation.

Product Characteristics

1. White Laser LED

2. Motion Sensor/ wave sensing

3. Power Display

4. 90 Degrees Head Adjustment

Basic Info.


Lamp bead: frameless white laser

Product size:4.5*6.3cm(stretch 8cm)

Net weight:242G 

Box size :12.7*11.5*10cm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Switch: Press the switch

Battery:18650*3(quote does not include battery)

Charging mode: TYP-C charging

Gear: Strong light - Medium light - flash Double click to open the induction mode (long press non-polar dimming)

Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom

Waterproof rating:IPX4


Features: wave sensing intelligent electric display

Range:>500 meters

Package includes: headlamp + color box + data cable

Packaging and delivery

Box parameter: 12.7 * 11.5 * 10 cm

Carton specification: 65*35*40cm

Gross weight: 18kg

Net weight:242G 

Gross weight:310G

Packing quantity:50PCS

H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp heliuslights_005H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp heliuslights_008H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp heliuslights_007H-230 Aluminum Alloy White Laser Motion Sensor Headlamp heliuslights_010

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