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D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight

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  • D867

  • Helius

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight, a versatile and powerful tool designed for a range of specialized applications. This exceptional flashlight is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled performance in various fields, offering a blend of innovative features and functionality.

Equipped with a built-in 18650 1200 mAh battery, the D867 ensures prolonged usage and reliability, making it a dependable companion for extended tasks. Its unique configuration includes 3 UV lamp beads and 5 LED lamp beads, allowing for versatile illumination suited for various purposes.

With dual lighting options - UV light and side light strong - this flashlight caters to specialized needs such as forensics, counterfeit verification, mineral observation, and gemstone examination. Additionally, it serves a practical role in identifying urine stains from pets or other bodily fluids, as well as aiding in the search for insects and reptiles.

The D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight is an indispensable tool in forensic investigations, enabling detailed examination of materials and surfaces to reveal hidden details or confirm authenticity. Moreover, it proves invaluable in various fields, from gemology to pest control, offering enhanced visibility in specific wavelengths.

Included accessories comprise the flashlight itself, housed in a durable color box, and a data cable for convenient charging or connectivity.

Reliable, powerful, and adaptable, the D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight serves as an essential tool for professionals in forensics, gemology, pest control, and beyond. Embrace the advanced capabilities of this flashlight to uncover details and detect substances not visible to the naked eye, making it an indispensable asset in your toolkit.


Forensics & counterfeit verification.

Mineral & gemstone observation.

Checking for urine stains (e.g. pets) or other body fluids.

Searching for insects and reptiles.

Basic Info.

Model: D867

Battery: Built-in 18650  1200 mAh

Lamp beads: 3*uv lamp beads +5LED lamp beads

Lighting: UV light/side light strong

Accessories: Product + color box + data cable

Packing quantity: 240PCS

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight heliuslights_005

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight heliuslights_009

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight heliuslights_007

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight heliuslights_010

D867 UV Ultraviolet Light COB Flashlight heliuslights_008

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