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S0016 Zoomable P70 / XHP90 LED Rechargable Flashlight

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This rechargeable flashlight features P70/XHP90 LED. It has a telescopic zoom and 5 modes of lighting: strong, medium, weak, fast flash and slow flash. It measures 16.1x4.3x3.1cm/17.8x4.3x3.1cm after being zoomed and is made of aluminum alloy. The switch is a middle-button switch and there are 4 LED indicators to show power. The flashlight can be powered by either 26650x1/18650x1/AAAx3 with a weight of 200g for a single flashlight and 257g for flashlight, USB cable, and small white box. You can also customize this flashlight with logo, packaging, and graphics with minimum orders of 500, 1000, and 1000 respectively.

Product Characteristics

1. Input and output, power display

2. Convex lens: Hawkeye convex lens, good light transmission, not easy to damage, strong aluminum attack head to protect the lens from wear and tear

3. Telescopic zoom: left and right stretch head can be zoomed, astigmatism - spotlight mode, convenient to use in different situations

4. Central switch: high-quality natural rubber material, non-slip surface treatment, light touch switch to switch the lighting mode.

5. Battery contacts: battery contact design, with good electrical conductivity, effectively prevent poor contact phenomenon.

Data Sheet

Key attributes

Product Model:S0016

Lamp Bead Model:P70 LED  / XHP90 LED lumens

Lens material:Optical lens

Working gear: 5 files (Strong, Medium, Weak, Fast flash, Slow flash)  

Product Size: 16.1x4.3x3.1cm/ 17.8x4.3x3.1cm (length after zoom)  

Applicable Battery:26650x1/18650x1/AAAx3 (without battery)

Product Power: 30W

Product Material: Aluminum alloy

Working Voltage:3.7V

Product color: Black

Can direct charging: USB direct charging (with output input dual interface)

Whether to focus: Telescopic focus

Switch position: The middle button switch

Power display: 4 LED indicators, each light represents 25% of the power

Product net weight: 200g (single flashlight)

Product gross weight: 257g (flashlight, USB cable, small white box)

A set weight: 290g (flashlight, USB cable, 18650 battery, small white box)

B set weight: 340g (flashlight, USB cable, 26650 battery, small white box)


Customized logo

Min. order: 500

Customized packaging

Min. order: 1000

Graphic customization

Min. order: 1000

Packaging Details

color box,tool box




Supply Ability

10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Show less

Lead time

Quantity (pieces)

1 - 10

11 - 500

501 - 2000

> 2000

Lead time (days)




To be negotiated

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