High-power 4-core P100 Type-c Charging Flashlight SF-655

High-power 4-core P100 Flashlight Long-Range Type-C Charging Outdoor Emergency Torch 20000mAh 44 Hours Battery Life
Three Wicks; Single Wicks
45W; 22W
large aperture, high-brightness floodlight; small aperture, concentrated light and long-range shooting
Battery life:
5-18 hours; 8-36 hours
high light, low light, flash
8 hours
Type-C fast charge
Focal length: fixed focus
930g; 832g

Single wick version Strong focus and long shot
The single wick version of the optical cup has a small deep aperture, and the light is more concentrated and has a longer range, and the effective light irradiation range is 458 meters.
Black technology three cores
Three wicks triple the brightness
20000mAh capacity
45W output high power
Three-speed dimming one-key off
Click to turn on the light and change gears, after any mode is on for 5 seconds, then press the switch key to turn off the light, the operation is simple and fast
Strong light mode Low light mode Strobe mode
High hardness anti-drop and compression material
Compression and anti-fall protection of the internal structure, the 2.5-ton car is still intact after being rolled over
TYPE-C positive and negative blind plug fast charge
Fast, efficient, stable and safe charging, convenient and fast regardless of positive and negative blind insertion

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