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Different kinds of businesses in the LED industry

Different kinds of businesses in the LED industry

  1. LED Lighting Manufacturers: Companies that make LED lighting products for the commercial and residential markets, such as bulbs, fixtures, and systems.
  2. LED Lighting Distributors: Companies that buy LED lighting products from manufacturers and resell them to end customers.
  3. LED Lighting Consultants: Companies that provide advice and services to customers on LED lighting solutions and products.
  4. LED Lighting Contractors: Companies that install LED lighting products in commercial and residential properties.
  5. LED Lighting Installers: Companies that specialize in the installation of LED lighting products.
  6. LED Lighting Designers: Companies that design custom LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential spaces.
  7. LED Lighting System Integrators: Companies that provide integrated LED lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties.
  8. LED Lighting Suppliers: Companies that provide components, parts, and materials used in LED lighting products and systems.
  9. LED Lighting Technology Companies: Companies that develop and produce LED lighting technologies, such as software, hardware, and systems.
  10. LED Lighting OEMs: Companies that manufacture LED lighting products for other companies to resell, often under a different brand name.

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